Tri-T LCD Displays

As a leading manufacturer of small-to-medium-sized LCDs, we at Tri T offer a complete range of solutions for a wide range of applications, from automotive and industrial to other applications.
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Monochrome LCD

Monochrome LCD (mono LCD) technology offers high reliability and is ideal for industrial and consumer applications. Mono LCDs can be alphanumeric LCD (character LCD) or graphic LCD.


A wide range of monochrome displays is available which benefit from short sampling and production lead times.

Vertical Alignment

Vertical alignment (VA) is a type of LCD panel technology that when no electric current is running through, enables liquid crystal cells to naturally align vertically between two substrate panes of glass, blocking the transmission of light from the backlight. As a result, VA panels provide the advantages of wide viewing angles and high contrast ratios.

In Cell Touch

Advanced In-Cell Touch (AIT) panels, these displays use a sensor built into the LCD, rather than a separate touch panel laid over the top of the display. A technology ideal for personal displays that require full HD resolution, touch gesturing and slimline designs.

Standard TFT

TFT (Thin-Film-Transistor) Displays allow you to showcase rich colours, detailed images and bright graphics in their full RDB mode. Suitable for a variety of products from industrial to medical.


Our TFT’s include a variety of technology upgrades including resistive and capacitive touchscreen, high resolution and IPS displays.

Fully customisable LCD solutions

We carry a full line of character display modules & graphical display modules that are compatible with other LCD manufacturers giving you a fully-customisable service. 

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Our alphanumeric liquid crystal display modules come in seven formats with various fluid, backlight and temperature options. Our character modules and graphical modules (LCM) will suit any applications you need.


Integrating quality certified systems and innovative assembly and packaging technologies to deliver market-leading consumer electronic products. From product assembly through enclosures to testing and packaging.

Box Build

The Box build Division, which is not only a strategic business unit in Tri-T, but also an EMS provider specialized in the manufacture of PCBA, finishing products with custom-tooled plastic and metal assemblies


Full technical and product support available, including, glossaries, FAQs and an extensive list of LCD details.